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In order to further assist Chinese new energy enterprises (including the new energy service companies) to expand their global markets, the Department of Directory of CCPIT Recommended Enterprises of New Energy Service Industry in China (CCPIT) launched the project of Directory of CCPIT Recommended Enterprises of New Energy Service Industry in China (hereinafter referred to as the "Directory") in April 2020, and CCPIT Information Center (China Trade Promotion Information Technology Co., Ltd.) was entrusted to carry out the project.

A total of 113 enterprises submitted their complete applications, of which 84 was regarded as qualified ones after the evaluation of experts and the review of their credit records. With the demonstration of the enterprises’ basic information, profiles, major project experiences and other relevant factors, the Directory will help potential customers better understand these enterprises’ business situation, including their industry focuses and strategic layout.

The listed companies are grouped into 5 categories according to their types provided, namely,

* Comprehensive New Energy Services
* Post-construction Operation & Maintenance for New Energy Projects
* Development & Application of New Energy Related Technology/Software
* Engineering & Contract Construction of New Energy Project Infrastructure

* Others

Each group is then sorted in alphabetical order of enterprises’ English names.

Declaration requirements

(a) The company's main business, or the company has departments/teams/subordinate institutions/subsidiaries/branches that can provide one or more of the following services to the outside world.

1. engineering design, planning and consulting for new energy projects (including but not limited to photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, etc.).
2. operation and maintenance services for new energy projects after completion.
3. research and development and application of new energy-related technologies/software.
4. contract construction of infrastructure works for new energy projects.

5. other related new energy services.

(b) Registered in China according to law and pay taxes normally, with good reputation and business status.

(c) Have already started business in the international market or have the will to develop the international market.

Hosted by:Department of Trade and Investment Promotion, CCPIT

Organized by:CCPIT Information Center (China Trade Promotion Information Technology Co., Ltd.)



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Experts of Editorial Board (Alphabetical order by last name):

Li Baoshan, Vice President, China Renewable Energy Society

Tao Ye, Deputy Director, Center for Renewable Energy Development, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission

Wen Qiuhong, Chief Engineer, CNOOC Energy Economics Institute

Zhang Fulong, President, International Energy Network

Zhao Rongmei, Executive Director, Guohe Intercontinental Advirsory Institute